Video Vignettes - Bonnie Craig
Bonnie "Heavy Runner" Craig

"After diagnosis, I think what's important is knowing that it's okay to need other people. It's okay to let people take care of you. Sometimes we are humbled by that 'cause we're doers and we're meant to take care of other people and it's a very humbling experience to know that you can't stand at your stove and cook dinner for your family 'cause you're too weak. Or to know if you get in the bathtub you can't get out of there someone's going to have to come in and help you. Or you can't go to the grocery store and whip around and you know, do ten million things like you used to.

It's a complete slow down, so you really have to utilize the support system you have because it's there for you. And it's healthy. There's been a lot of studies done that people that have a strong support system survive longer. So, that's you know, a real strong recommendation."