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  1. AIAN Background
    1. Background: AIAN Census, Cancer Data, BRFSS, AIAN Cancer Patterns
      AIAN Cancer Data incid-mort graphs   (3-18-09) 2.6MB

    2. American Indian Alaska Native Cancer Data Misclassification, BRFSS and AIAN Regional Differences in Incidence and Mortality   4.6MB

    3. Background: Historical Trauma, Who is an Indian, Indian Strengths, AIAN sterilization, Indian Gaming

    4. AIAN_Komen-NatAdvCouncil_HND.pdf   1.8MB
      No_ARS_NDN-Strengths_HND.pdf   670KB
      Who-is-NDN_Hist-Trauma_HND.pdf   1.9MB
      AI_Sterilization_short.pdf   817KB

    5. Background: AIAN Healthcare, cancer issues
      Challenges for AIAN Attaining Health Equality   (7-26-08) 9.9MB

    6. Native American Cancer Issues   (02-25-09) 8.3MB
      NNACC_Cancer-100_HND_09-07-09   (9-08-09) 3.4MB

    7. Background: AIAN Misc or Combined Topics
      AIAN Cultural / Disease Patterns, Indian Health Service (IHS) Contract Health Services (CHS), Messages, Materials, Literacy   3.7MB

    8. AIAN Demographics, Cancer Data, Historical Trauma   3.4MB
      Indian Women's Health and Jeopardy   6.3MB
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  1. AIAN Cancer Program(s) Planning
    1. Program Planning: Organizing AIAN Cancer Programs / Basics

    2. AIAN Cancer Program Barriers   1.2MB
      Center for Native Health Partnerships Retreat: Building Relationships   15.8MB

    3. Program Messages, Outreach, Strategies, Interventions
      Messages-Materials, Literacy, Evaluation
      AIAN Communication, Learning Styles and Resources   1.9MB
      AIAN Communication, Outreach Strategies   3.9MB
      American Indian and Alaska Native Cancer Early Detection Seminar Recruitment Strategies   (02-04-09) 2.3MB
      Checklist_for_Successful_Community_Workshops   (3-30-09) 529KB
      NACR Ground Rules for Meetings   (3-1-09)   196KB
      Factors Affecting Successful AIAN Community Education   6.3MB
      Factors Affecting Successful AIAN Messages, Materials and Strategies   (5-18-09) 1.4MB
      Literacy Readability   1.5MB
      Workshop Power Point© Slide Layout for Community Education   (3-1-09)
      Power_Point_Rules_LUK_HND.pdf   1.1MB

  2. Cultural Competency Training (includes slides from other sections)

    1. Native Cancer 101 Modules

    2. Nat_Cancer_101_Mod_4_Intermediate_Role_of_Genes_10-29-2012_HND.pdf   1.2MB
      Nat_Cancer_101_Mod_8_Abridged_Biospecimens_08-09-2012_HND.pdf   827KB
      Cancer_101_Module_9_Chronic_Cond_Cancer_8-09-2012_HND.pdf   1.5MB
      Nat_Cancer_101_Mod_4_BASIC_Role_of_Genes_08-09-2012_HND.pdf   841KB
      Nat_Cancer_101_Mod_8_BASIC_Biospecimens_08-29-2012_HND.pdf   805KB

  3. Methods: Grants (SBIR), ARS, FG protocols, FG slide excerpt, CBPR, Navigators, Games

    1. Audience Response System

    2. ARS - Lessons Learned   (10-21-08) 1.7MB
      ARS_TP_AI_PubHlth_12-04-08a_LB_HND   (11-26-08) 2.8MB
      ARS_TP_AI_PubHlth_12-04-08a_LB_2slidesperpg_HND   (11-26-08) 5.6MB
      How to use ARS   (3-04-09)
      The Use of an Audience Response System (ARS) in Sustaining Participant Attention in Education Programs   (3-04-09)
      Enhancement of Cancer Education Interventions with an Electronic Audience Response System (ARS)   (3-04-09)
      Turning Point© Reports   (3-04-09)
      LUK_Power_Point_Rules.ppt   3.5MB

    3. "Native Navigators and the Cancer Continuum (NNACC)

    4. A1-13_NNACC_NIMHD-Handouts.pdf   2.9MB
      A1-13_NNACC_NIMHD_PDF-slides.pdf   3.1MB

  4. Comprehensive Cancer Plans

  5. Prevention (tobacco, nutrition, exercise, environmental contamination)

    1. Government and American Heart Association Fact Sheets

    2. AHA_alc_CVD.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_DietLifestyleRecommendations.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_ExerciseSuccess.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_FacetheFats.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_Fat-Quiz-1.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_Fat-Quiz-2.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_Fats_101.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_General-Info-about-Fats.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_GetMoving.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_Glossary.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_HowManyCalories.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_Lifestyle-Improve-Cholesterol.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_Nutr-Labeling.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_Strength-BalanceExercises.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_Tips_Fast-Foods.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_Tips_HeartHlthy-ActiveChildren.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_Tips_Starting-Phys-Activity.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_Tips-Eating-Chinese-Food.pdf   (04-5-09)
      AHA_Tips-for-Eating-Out.pdf   (04-5-09)
      NHLBI_DailyFood-Activity_Diary.pdf   (04-5-09)
      NHLBI_FatMatters_CaloriesCount.pdf   (04-5-09)
      NHLBI_Guide_PhysActivity.pdf   (04-5-09)
      NHLBI_Guide-Beh-Chg.pdf   (04-5-09)
      NHLBI_HealthyEthnicFoods.pdf   (04-5-09)
      NHLBI_HealthyFoodShopping.pdf   (04-5-09)
      NHLBI_KeyRecommendations.pdf   (04-5-09)
      NHLBI_Tips_EatingOut.pdf   (04-5-09)
      TransFatFactSheet.pdf   (04-5-09)

  6. Early detection (Path …

  7. Risk Factors (Interactive- online only)

  8. Survivorship

  9. Palliative Care, End-of-life

  10. "Genetic Education for Native Americans" (GENA®)

  11. Handouts from Others' conferences
    1. MN/WI American Indian Cancer Conference, 10-22-24, 2008 Black Bear Resort, Carlton, MN

    2. Annette_Kathleeen_Bemidji_MN_WI_AI-CancerConf_10-23-08   947KB
      Christopher_KnowsHisGun_MN_WI_AI-CancerConf_10-23-08_HND   929KB
      Henry-Tanner_ACS_MN_WI_AI-CancerConf_10-23-08   63KB
      LindaB_NACES_MN_WI_AI-CancerConf_10-24-08_HND   1.8MB
      NewBreast_Tob_Policy_MN_WI_AI-CancerConf_10-24-08   6.5MB
      Trinh_Ann_GLITC_MN_WI_AI-CancerConf_10-23-08_HND   13.1MB

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