Hair Loss
Hair Loss

Welcome to the "hair loss" section of cancer treatment side effects. Hair loss is a very upsetting side effect of cancer treatment for most of us. It is a daily reminder that we are dealing with cancer.

It is one of the side effects that is easily visible to others and hard to hide (from family, co-workers).

This section explains how and why hair loss occurs while we are going through cancer treatment. It also explains how other Native cancer patients have handled hair loss.

How many hairs do you think are on the human scalp?
  1. 20,000
  2. 40,000
  3. 60,000
  4. 80,000
  5. 100,000 or more
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1. What information can I find here? This section includes:

  • Explanation about hair loss, cancer treatments, and the growth of hair when cancer treatment is over
    • Why hair loss occurs during chemotherapy
    • Why hair loss occurs during radiation therapy
    • How much body hair may be lost
  • What you can do to prepare for the possibility and to deal with hair loss
    • Body
      • Dealing with hair thinning or loss (wigs, turbans, hats)
      • Protecting your scalp from weather (cold and sun)
    • Mind
      • Preparing to deal with others and how they treat you
      • Understanding hair will grow back
    • Emotions
      • Sexuality, identity and hair
      • Constant reminder of having cancer
    • Spirit
      • Closeness to the Creator
      • Protection against curses
    • Financial help to purchase head coverings

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