Hair Loss
Hair Loss (The "Spirit" of the Medicine Wheel)

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  1. Closeness to the Creator
  2. Protection against curses
  3. Tribal Nations have very different beliefs from one another. Several tribal Nations have special practices and beliefs related to the care of hair, how to handle hair that falls out, and how to handle hair that remains in your hairbrush or what to do with hair that is cut. The reasons for these practices vary by tribe, but for some, the hair needs to be cared and protected in a culturally respectful manner to avoid it being used for curses against the individual or her family.

    "Some believe that the longer your hair the closer to the Creator you become. Some men feel they should grow long beards and long hair. If they cut it, it goes to be saved for that pillow.
    Hence if you lose hair due to radiation or some type of loss, that connection to the Creator is weakened."

    "Hair is closely connected to the spirit of our people.
    Someone can take a piece and put "bad medicine" on it and make one sick. One can also pass on to others "sickness" if the hair comes from someone who is hurting."

    "We believe that with even one hair, someone can use that hair to curse you. They can take your heart and soul."

Financial help to purchase head coverings
Many hospitals provide wigs at a low cost or for free. The American Cancer Society also is a major supplier of wigs for people who cannot afford to purchase their own. Several other foundations provide wigs and volunteers to help you find a good fitting wig or head covering (see the financial resources leaf).

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