Hair Loss-Medicine Wheel-emotions
Hair Loss (The "Emotion" of the Medicine Wheel)

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  1. Sexuality, identity and hair
  2. Hair is a very important part of our identity. Most people link hair and sexuality. However, most of us have people in our lives or view some celebrities who have thinning hair or who are bald as very sexual and appealing.

    "When you lose your hair, I'm sure a lot of people have this thing with self esteem anyway. But because a lot of us are hiding behind our little gifts that we've been given: hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes and such; that when they're gone, when they're stripped, you really lose a lot. Your femininity has been questioned, you know, because you identify certain things with being feminine."

    Native women have dealt with the baldness by wearing a wig or by wearing a scarf or shawl in a very feminine fashion. Native men have also worn toupees or wigs.

  3. Constant reminder of the ongoing fight with cancer
  4. Chemo and radiation treatments are both improving in their success against cancer. The hair thinning or baldness is a visible sign of the ongoing cancer treatment, but for most of us it is a temporary condition.

    Most survivors feel that the temporary hair thinning or loss was worthwhile to be able to have a treatment likely to cure or control their cancer.

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