Hair Loss-Medicine Wheel-beliefs
Native American Beliefs About Hair Loss

Examples of Native American cultural beliefs related to hair. Hair is important to people of all cultures, but holds some special cultural beliefs for some tribes (not all tribal Nations have special customs related to hair).

"We save our hair and when we die a silk pillow is made and filled with our saved hair. This is the pillow that we finally resy our head in the casket."

"We believe that we need to take al our body parts with us when we leave this earth. Many people keep as much as possible the hair that falls out during the normal course of a day and the collection is put in a pillow for the deceased person and placed in the casket.

We believe that during the period of time when a person dies, the burial ceremonies arew completed and the body is put in the ground, the spirit of the person goes to all the places where his/her body parts are and collects the parts. The spirit does not like to be wandering too long to recover these parts and must get on his/her way."

"In our clan, hair is worn long to show honor for our mothers and for motherhood."

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