Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the "fatigue" (fah-teeg) section of cancer treatment side effects. Having Fatigue is to feel very, very tired or weary.

It is a likely side effect for all cancer patients who receive cancer treatment. It is one of the side effects that patients talk about with other patients. It can affect all aspects of your daily life. Fatigue due to cancer or cancer treatment does not go away with rest or sleep.

This section explains how and why fatigue occurs while you are going through cancer treatment.

  • Explanation about fatigue, cancer treatments, and how long fatigue lasts after treatment is over
    • The different types of fatigue
    • Fatigue during chemotherapy
    • Fatigue during radiation therapy
    • Fatigue during surgery
    • Fatigue with other forms of cancer therapy

  • How you can prepare for and manage fatigue
    • Ways to save (conserve) your energy
    • Ways to help you concentrate better
    • How to manage fatigue in the workplace

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