Fatique - Talk to provider
Talking to your provider about feeling tired

  1. Talking with your provider about fatigue:
    • Make sure your providers ask you about fatigue
    • Make sure you tell your providers about your fatigue
    • Look at how long it lasts, what makes it better or worse, how bad it is
    • Note if tiredness bothers your thinking, mood, and ability to perform daily activities

  2. Be sure to call your provider if you:
    • Get dizzy
    • Loose your balance when walking
    • Loose your balance when getting out of bed or out of a chair
    • Fall or hurt yourself
    • Have trouble waking up
    • Have problems catching your breath
    • Have a sudden increase in fatigue (you need to rest all the time)
    • Have a really rapid heartbeat
    • Can't go to sleep or don't stay asleep or can't go back to sleep once you wake up during the night
    • Are very feeling anxious, nervous, constantly thinking about things
    • Can't get out of bed for more than 24 hours

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