Fatique - Feelings
Feelings about being fatigued

  1. Many patients talk about having fatigue. Comments from patients include:
    • "...I think of what I want to do and just can't get up and do it hardly unless I push myself."
    • "I could not get out of bed and walk to the bathroom and I would have to sit down... I would have to rest between each activity."
    • "...just knocked me down every 'darn' month."

  2. Other patients describe their fatigue as being:
    • Out of energy
    • Bone tired
    • Weary
    • Wiped out
    • Exhausted
    • Can't focus

  3. What concerns you may have about fatigue
    • Many patients have lots of concerns about feeling fatigued. Among them are that you:
    • don't feel like yourself
    • can become depressed because you can't or don't feel like doing things you usually do.
    • may not realize how fatigued you were until the fatigue gets better.
    • may have fatigue for a year or more after you finish your treatment.
    • don't understand that your fatigue is a side effect of treatment and not because your cancer is growing

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