Fact Sheets
Native American Cancer Research (NACR) - "Fact Sheets"

"Each of these documents comprise a fact sheet that needs to be printed
  (or copied), doubled sided, onto ledger paper (i.e., 11" X 17")

    Page 1 is the back panel of the documents

    Page 2 is the front page.

    Page 3 is the inside left panel

    Page 4 is the inside right panel.

    Please feel free to print a copy of these fact sheets.
    These were developed by Native American Cancer Research (NACR).

  1. Cancer100 (519K) Download
  2. Eating Healthy (2,077K) Download
  3. Energy Balance / Weight Control (12,671K) Download

  1. Lung Health (1,869K) Download
  1. Breast Health (14,531K) Download
  2. Cervix Health (1,975K) Download
  3. Colorectal Cancer (CRC) / Health (2,093K) Download
  4. Prostate Health (964K) Download
  5. Native American Cancer Education for Survivors (19,401K) Download
  1. Support Circles (686K) Download
  2. Wills (429K) Download
  3. Palliative Care (288K) Download
  4. Cancer Treatment Side Effects (293K) Download
  5. AIAN Clinical Trials (978K) Download
  6. NNACC Overview (698K) Download
  1. Native American Elders Diagnosed with Cancer: Spirituality (1,183K) Download
  2. Native American Elders Diagnosed with Cancer: Decisions, Coping & Communication (1,429K) Download
  3. Native American Elders Diagnosed with Cancer: Transportation and Financial Resources (1695K) Download
  1. Native American Tobacco Education: Ceremonial Use (2,986K) Download
  2. Native American Tobacco Education: Tobacco Facts (1,832K) Download
  3. Native American Tobacco Education: Quitting Habitual Tobacco Use - for Program Staff (2,561K) Download
  1. Native American Cancer Disparities and Health Inequities (1,036K) Download
  1. Genetic Research AIAN Ethical, Legal, Social and Cultural Issues (684K) Download
  2. AIAN Genetic Terminology (4,342K) Download
  3. Native Mod 8 Biospecimens (14,701K) Download
  4. GENA_obj_16_Pharmaco (1,018K) Download
  5. NACI_BRCA2-Summary (25K) Download
  1. Cancer Survivorship Care Plans (6,473K) Download
  2. Tob Gap Analysis Summary (2,737K) Download
  3. Tob Gap Analysis Cessation (1,463K) Download
  4. Tob Gap Analysis Traditional (1,305K) Download
  5. Native American Elders Diagnosed with Cancer: What is this all about? (861K) Download
  6. Clinical Trials Education for Native Americans go to…

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