Stories about diabetes
Stories about diabetes
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Chuck calling his son.

Chuck: Kenny, it's Dad. My sugar's low again this morning. It's 69. That's kinda scary. It's never been that low before. What should I do?

Kenny: Do you feel sick?

Chuck: Well, I don't feel sick. I mean I don't feel great, cuz I'm doing chemo. But I haven't had it for a few days now, so I'm starting to feel a little better.

Kenny: Are you eating okay?

Chuck: I guess so. Food doesn't sound good. Or smell good. Or taste good. But I'm trying to eat a little something. Your sister came over and cooked me up some meat and potatoes last night. I ate a little.

Kenny: Let me check with my supervisor. I'll be right over.

(son arrives)

Chuck: Good to see you, son. Can you help me get dressed? You know, my clothes are gettin' kinda loose. I have to tighten my belt! Didn't think I'd ever have to do that. Since I started chemo a few weeks ago, I think they said I've lost 12 pounds.

Kenny: I think Cindy said the clinic told her that if you lose weight during treatment, they may need to cut back on your sugar pills. You know how they're always telling you to lose weight to get your sugar down? Well, you did! They always said, lose some weight and maybe you could get off some of those pills. I bet that's what's going on.

Let's get you dressed and get on over to the clinic.

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