Stories about diabetes
Stories about diabetes
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The Family is at home talking to Marlene about her diabetes med dosages.

Family member: Hi, grandma. How are you doing today?

Marlene: I feel kinda tired. And I've had this headache for a couple days. It kind of comes and goes.

Family: It's probably me. I always did give you a headache! Do you think it's your chemo?

Marlene: No, it hasn't felt like this before.

Family: Have you been taking all your medicines?

Marlene: Just like the clinic doctor said.

Family: When did you last check your sugar?

Marlene: Oh, I kinda slacked off the past few days. Just haven't felt up to it. Mostly just resting. Haven't felt like eating much either. I think I've been losing some weight lately.

Family: Well, let's check it. Where's your little checker?

Marlene: It's over on the counter. Strips should be there, too.

(family member helps grandma check sugar)

Family: Grandma, it's 71. What is it usually?

Marlene: Oh, this time of day it would probably be 110 or 120. I don't think it's ever been that low.

Family: It's not supposed to be that low, is it? I think we need to get you to the clinic. We need some help. We need to get some food in you. Maybe the clinic doctor needs to change your diabetes medicine dose. Maybe you're getting too much right now and that's why your sugar is too low. You're not eatin' much. I think they told us this might happen and we need to watch for it. And if this is what's making you feel bad, we can make you feel better. Let's just get over there now.

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