Stories about diabetes
Stories about diabetes
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The Family is at home talking to the Patient about his mouth sores.

Family member: Dad, you look like you hurt.

Patient: My mouth is so sore. The doctor said this might happen. I'm hungry, but it hurts to eat. The food just burns.

Family: do you have any medicine for it?

Patient: Well, the chemo nurse said to put Vaseline on it, but that's not helping. My lips stick together when I'm sleeping. Then it really hurts to open my mouth. I put extra Vaseline on when I go to bed, but my lips still stick together. I try to soak them open with a damp washcloth.

Family: Did you tell the doctor?

Patient: No, I hate to bother them.

Family: Dad! They told you to call anytime, if you were having problems or if you just had questions. This is a real problem. You hurt, plus you can't eat and you need to eat to stay strong.

Patient: Well, I don't want to call them. I wouldn't know what to say, but if you want to call them, go right ahead.

(family member calls the cancer doctor's office)

Family: Dad, they have some medicine for this! It's called 'magic mouthwash.' And they've called the prescription in to the clinic. It will help with the soreness. Plus, they said to be sure to call back, if it doesn't help you.

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