Stories about diabetes
Stories about diabetes
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The Family is at home talking to the Dawn about her loss of appetite.

Dawn: You know, I just don't feel like eating. I just can't.

Family: What sounds good? Let me make something for you.

Dawn: Well, the problem is that nothing tastes good. I made myself some bean soup. It didn't even taste like beans.

Family: Think of your favorite food. Let me make it for you. You love boiled potatoes.

Dawn: I tried that. It didn't taste like potatoes either. Worse than that, it was like having a mouth full of dry cotton. I could hardly swallow it.

Family: it sounds like we need to find some things that either taste good or at least will go down. Did you have your coffee this morning?

Dawn: Doesn't taste good any more. I don't even like to smell it.

Family: Remember when Doris was doing chemo and she didn't feel like eating? They bought some stuff for her at the store that's like a liquid meal in a can and that worked really well.

Dawn: Yeah, I kinda remember that. It seems like there were two kinds, one was called Boost and the other one was like insurance or something.

Family: Yes, Ensure it's called. They come in different flavors. And some people think they taste even better if they're cold.

Dawn: one problem: I remember that it gave her diarrhea, because it has milk in it and she can't drink milk.

Family: that's right. I remember that, too. But you know, her chemo nurse told her to get these pills that take care of the milk sugar. She got those pills and took one before she drank her Boost and she did just fine. It really helped her get some food in.

Dawn: Okay, let's give it a try.

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