Items produced by our Cancer Survivors to help the Memorial FundPlace mouse over a thumb-nail to enlarge the image

  • The donation prices on the list will exclude shipping and packaging. It's important to note "suggested donation" since we are not including sales tax.

  • This project is a fundraiser for the NACR Memorial fund made by the loving hands of our Denver American Indian Cancer Survivors.

  • The NACR Memorial Fund assists Native American cancer survivors financially with the many issues and needs during treatment and recovery.
  • Bracelets $5
  • Small eyeglass holders $5
  • Small purse $10
  • Large purse $20
  • Pillows $10/small set
  • Bookmarks $2
  • Glass w/holder $5

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  • Please call our Denver office with any questions or if you would like to schedule a time to stop in personally to see all the available items. 1-800-537-8295

  • You can pick up the items at the Denver office for no shipping or packaging fee.

  • Call our Denver office for shipping and packaging fees.