NACR Announcements
2007 American Indian Symposium

Addressing Needs of Today's Urban American: Together We can Walk the Path to Positive Results: being held November 7, 2007 at Pierson Auditorium on the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

Our afternoon session of the symposium is where we would like your participation. Our 'Circles of Change' is devised as a round table discussion with our attendees. This activity was incorporated so that we could personalize the topic(s) of the Symposium, gaining a cultural awareness of Native Americans to better provide services. At each of the 30-40 tables, there will be a Native American (you) who agreed to serve as a round table facilitator. These facilitators (you) will come from a variety of professional and non-professional backgrounds. Prior to the discussion, a moderator will explain what will take place during this activity and pass out discussion-starter questions that can be used (optional) at each table to get the conversation going. Attendees can direct questions to the Native American facilitator who will respond according to his/her perspective(s). The expected outcome of this activity will be that participants will be able to engage in a more personal dialogue with a member of the Native American community.

We welcome and thank you for agreeing to participate with us this year. Please feel free to contact me at,, 913-588-2708 if you require any additional information.

Jerry W. Briscoe
Research Associate
Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health
University of Kansas Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Blvd
Kansas City KS 66160

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