Medicine Wheel: Emotions
Medicine Wheel: Emotions
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What can I do to understand my emotions related to oral pain?

First, if you are having oral pain, make sure you talk to your cancer care team. They can help you.

Next, try to think about what makes you emotional. It's okay to feel these emotions.

Remember, feel the emotions and walk these emotions through to the other side of your mind. It's like letting them in the door of your mind and walking them out the other door and setting them free. It will take practice.

How does oral pain cause me to be moody, angry, and easily annoyed?

Because of the pain you may irritable, you can walk through this irritability if you continue to stay connected to your spirit. Breathe deeply and meditate.

How can I achieve emotional balance while experiencing oral problems?

Emotional ups and downs are normal during this time. It is important to work through these times with an understanding of the triggers that cause these ups and downs.

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