Storytellers - Mary
Mary's Story about Hairloss

Mary's hair is thinning after 5 weeks of chemo, but she is not bald

Jeremy: Mom, how are you feeling? Do you hurt or anything?

Mary: No Jeremy. I'm not hurting at all. I have lost some hair but it doesn't seem to be getting much worse. What do you think? Is it much thinner than last week?

[Mary bends slightly so that he can get a good look at here head, even though he is taller than she is. Jeremy looks at her head carefully]

Jeremy: Nah, not really. It is a lot thinner than it used to be though.

Mary: Well, I used to complain because it was so thick and heavy. Guess I got what I wanted, huh? [chuckling]

Jeremy: [chuckling with her] well, yeah, but this was carrying it a bit extreme don't you think, mom?

Mary: Yes. I agree and I'll do my best to not get cancer again. Besides, the nurse told me that my hair would grow back. Boy. I am never going to complain about having a lot of hair again.

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