Native American Cancer Research-Futures Fund
Native American Cancer Research (NACR) - Futures Fund

Thank you for considering a donation to NACR's Future's Fund. This fund was set up in 2011 to develop new programs and allow NACR to pursue new directions. Very few programs have been made for Native Americans. Even fewer programs have been tested to see if they work well enough to be help most tribes and urban Native Americans.

NACR is committed to developing programs to:

  • Help cancer survivors and their families.

  • Develop new programs to increase awareness of new cancer treatments and improve care for those with cancer.

  • Expand our NACES tree. See

  • Create programs to help people avoid risks of some cancers by having a healthy lifestyle.

  • Assist Native Americans living in urban areas and reservations to take advantage of innovations in cancer care.

NACR appreciates your partnership in our efforts to make our future better. Your generosity is the key to a cancer free tomorrow for Native Americans!

Your contribution is tax deductible because NACR is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization. Please contact us at the address below to receive a formal "Thank-You!" If you would like to make this donation in memory of a loved one and wish an acknowledgement sent to the family or have another request, please contact us at for more information.

Native American Cancer Research
3022 S Nova Road, Pine, CO 80470

Phones: 303-838-9359