Eduard Gamito - Thank You for Being Our Friend

( 7 · 30 · 1962   -   1 · 22 · 2008 )

For Being My Friend…

THANK YOU for believing in me
when I found it difficult
to believe in myself…
for saying what I've needed to hear sometimes
instead of what I wanted to hear…
for siding with me…
and for giving me another side to consider.

THANK YOU for opening yourself up to me…
and trusting me with your thoughts
and disappointments and dreams…
for knowing you can depend on me
and asking my help when you've needed it.

THANK YOU for putting so much
thought and care and imagination
into our friendship…
for sharing so many nice times
and making so many special memories with me.

THANK YOU for always being honest with me
being kind to me…and being there fore me.

THANK YOU for being
a friend to me
in so many meaningful ways…
Author: Larry S. Chengges