Eduard Gamito - Ed With Friends

( 7 · 30 · 1962   -   1 · 22 · 2008 )

Ed With Friends and Colleagues

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Ed dancing with a sweet girl from Spain, named Marisol. As he said, "We were dancing at a costume party in a small village near the Portuguese border where my Dad's family is from. As you can see, I was less folliclely and horizontally challenged back then."

Denver, CO - 2006

Ed from the PLCO Holiday lunch (2007)
(We had Christmas 'crackers' and each one had a crown, so Ed donned his with a sprig of decoration that looks like an earring). He was such a great sport to go along with all of our silliness!

Nome, Alaska - 2006

Pine, Colorado

Ed facilitating a Breakout Session at the 1999 BP Conference

NLST at Fitz

NLST at Fitz

Ed's Computer Training during the "Quality of Life through Roots of Strength" Native Cancers' Survivors' Conference, Coeur d' Alene, ID (October, 2005)

What's the Project?

Ed sure seemed to attract the women
Pine, CO

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