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( 7 · 30 · 1962   -   1 · 22 · 2008 )


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Ed and I shared a lot of adventures together. We jumped out of airplanes (well, I jumped. Ed just sort of fell out), went kayaking, studied tae kwon do, and went rock climbing together. We spent a lot of time digging out his dad's Bronco from the various places where we got it stuck. We shared a lot of jokes. From his crack about embezzling, to his self deprecating comments about his size, much of the time spent with Ed was time spent laughing. Ed had a lot of jobs. In the time I knew him, he was a lifeguard, solar heating salesman, waiter at Mr. Steak (when we'd go to movies he'd pay with the coins he received in tips since, at the time, he didn't trust banks, landscape laborer, nightclub doorman, bounty hunter, estate administrator, day laborer, printer's apprentice, and finally PLCO recruitment coordinator and research assistant. Ed's education was similarly varied, taking him to the University of Southern Colorado, Texas Tech, Colorado State University, Regis University and UCD. Ed could be unfocused. Ed had a lot of aspirations. When I first met him, he wanted to be a spy. That is why, in high school, he seldom allowed photos of himself to be taken. He thought they might later be used to blow his cover. He also liked to read Ken Follett and John LeCarre novels, for the tips they contained. Ed also liked Carlos Casteneda. When Ed was a little older, he wanted to "make movies." He also wanted to import Brazilian bon-bons, which he felt were particularly underappreciated. He had dreams of being a policeman, diplomat, doctor and philanthropist, but never seriously pursued any of these. Ed changed a lot in the years that I knew him, but one aspiration of his always stayed the same: to live nobly. Ed believed in chivalry and honor and redemption. He believed there was a purpose in life and hoped to fulfill his. There is a special, spiritual joy in thinking that he did.
Rest in Peace

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Ed gave Computer Training during the "Quality of Life through Roots of Strength" Native Cancers' Survivors' Conference, Coeur d' Alene, ID (October, 2005)

Ed got stuck taking us girls back to the casino in his rental car. So of course every store we had poor Ed waiting for us while we shopped. He'd wait in the store for awhile then go outside and wait in the car then come back in and wait again. Never once did he complain. He just told me he was married and understood about this shopping issue women have. We all had a good time. It was a chance for me to get to know him better and I have no regrets. Today I am thankful for that time spent.

So many times, I was about to pull out my hair with problems with my computer, and then, there was Ed on the phone. Nice and calm and he'd fix the problem. I will always remember him at the survivors' conference in Idaho, driving all of the women back after buying their computers. All of the women wanted to stop and shop and he was always patient. He probably had a lot of work to get back to the hotel and do, but we'd keep saying, "oh, can we stop there?" and Ed would pull the car over and just wait patiently for us women to do our shopping. I also got the chance to meet his wife and the girls when I was in Denver for the young survivors' conference. Cathy and Ed came on a Sunday afternoon. I am so pleased to meet the family. I know he is always so busy, but he always made time for you and never felt you feel like he was too busy to help you. Ed helped me for everything.
Rosanne Wyman, Mohawk, Canada 01-25-08

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Remembrances: Ed and I were at opposite ends of the political spectrum. I favor liberal points of view, social welfare (up to a point), vigorously oppose most of bush's policies, etc. As you can tell from these strongly held views, Ed and I had lots to talk about! But we both loved Macintosh computers and he often helped me get mine fixed when I had problems I couldn't figure out. He did this out of pure friendship and never asked for return favors. Moreover, when we discussed politics in political emails back and forth, he was almost the ONLY guy I traded views with who would actually read my point of view and respond in a thoughtful and well-considered point and counterpoint method. I will greatly miss my friend Ed, and I think his political viewpoints and methods of expression are really the way forward for our country: respectful debate goes a long way toward understanding. God Speed Ed. There are plenty of places in heaven for conservatives like you!
Mike Glode, Professor of Medicine 01-27-08

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