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"Collaborative Partnerships in Cancer Prevention and Control Programs for American Indians" (PI: Harjo; 1U57 DP003084).
On October 1, 2010, NACR was granted this 5-year project award from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The 4 tasks associated with this grant are described below.

  1. Regional Conferences:
    The conferences will be 2.5 day working meetings with optional additional half-day cultural awareness training. Two regional meetings will be held each year. The purpose of the Regional Working Meetings is an opportunity to meet face-to-face to work on a local Action Plan that would increase partnerships among organizations involved with Native Americans and cancer programs. These include federal and state-recognized tribes, state health departments, Indian Health Service, urban Indian organizations, Alaska Native villages and other organizations. The goal is to identify and later implement and evaluate strategies that strengthen relationships among states and tribal / urban Indian programs to improve access to culturally appropriate cancer programs throughout the cancer continuum (prevention through end-of-life). The intended population/participants are public health professionals who work for tribal, urban Indian, Indian Health Service, state or local public health departments, regional epidemiology programs, comprehensive cancer control programs, breast and cervix cancer early detection programs, colorectal cancer programs, foundation affiliates, Native American community members, including cancer survivors, and other state and federal agency professionals who are interested in working with AIANs. Local planning committees from each region will be responsible for coordinating the logistics, agenda, implementation of the Action Plan and follow-up activities. The Map on this page highlights the locations of the Regional Conferences and the years for implementation (year 01=2011; year 02=2012, etc.);
        For more information on these Regional Conferences, please click here.

  2. During 2012, NACR will conduct a gap analysis of AIAN tobacco materials.

  3. Each year NACR will produce one Native Peoples' Wellness booklet and one case study.
    • In 2011 the focus of the booklet was on cervical cancer and the focus of the case study was on prostate cancer. Both products will be available for download from the website during early spring 2012. Limited numbers of hard copies of each product will be available from local state departments of health and some from NACR.
    • In 2012, the focus of the booklet will be on b. breast cancer and the focus for the case study is currently being voted on by year 02 Regional Planning Committees.
    • The 2009 and 2010 versions of both products are available at

  4. NACR will provide Technical Assistance related to cultural appropriateness and awareness, to states, Indian Health Service, Tribal and urban programs and others, on an as needed basis. For further information, contact 1-800-537-8295 or 303-975-2449.

  5. Lastly, NACR will implement and evaluate cultural awareness trainings if requested by Regional Planning Committees or state departments of health or Indian or Alaska Native organizations (as funds are available or as supported externally).

Regional Map
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