Denver Announcements
Native Patient Navigation Trainings (quarterly trainings beginning again starting March 2017)

All participants will need to support their own travel and lodging expenses.

The Registration fee of $550 per participant. There are limited travel scholarships for each training. Please request the partial scholarship when submitting the registration form.

Mail registration forms and payments to 3022 South Nova Road, Pine, CO 80470-7830. Registration forms may also be emailed prior to submitting registration payments via Native American Cancer Research.

March 22-24, 2017, Denver, CO (training site to be named later)

NOTE to participants who attended August 2016: Day 1 is a repeat of selected topics from the August training and those participants may want to attend the 23-24th only or can take part in a refresher on the 22nd (at no charge for Day 1).

  • Day 1 (Wednesday, 8-5): Overview of PN, roles, navigating the healthcare system, resource guide, safety issues

  • Day 2 (Thursday, 8-5) is PN as Team member; your abilities as functioning within the Team, personal skills to assist with collaborating with others, introduction to motivational interviewing

  • Day 3 (Friday, 8-1) Confidentiality, even for family members, gift sharing, professionalism and PN
  • Please note: March PowWow is March 24-26th in Denver

June 14-16, 2017, Denver, CO (training site to be named later)

  • Day 1 (Wednesday 8-5): Overview of communication basics; elevator speeches, common patient-provider communication problems and common mis-communication; NPN advocating on behalf of the patient, clarifying patients issues communicating with healthcare team

  • Day 2 (Thursday, 8-5): Motivational Interviewing Part 2, Handling conflict (patients, family members and other members of healthcare team with PN); Outreach strategies, exhibits during events

  • Day 3 (Friday, 8-1:30 pm): Effective message components; creating effective informational products (brochures, pamphlets) and literacy

September 13-15, 2017, Denver, CO (training site to be named later)

    The entire focus of the September training will be cancer content (prevention through end-of-life and sharing of AI/AN cancer education materials
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