Types of Diabetes
Types of Diabetes

The purpose of this leaf is to explain basic information on the three most common types of diabetes:

  • TYPE I (also called juvenile diabetes)
  • TYPE II (also called adult onset diabetes)
  • GESTATIONAL (diabetes of pregnancy)
    • Gestational means during pregnancy

What is Type 1 diabetes?

  • Also called juvenile diabetes
  • In this diabetes, the body does not produce insulin
  • Insulin has to be given daily
  • This type of diabetes occurs more commonly among children and youth, but lasts a lifetime

What is type 2 diabetes?

  • Also called adult onset diabetes
  • Develops when the body does not produce enough insulin
    • or the body is unable to use its insulin
    • this is called becoming insulin resistant
  • This type of diabetes is most common in AI/AN

Gestational diabetes

  • The extra weight gained during pregnancy can trigger Type 2 diabetes.
  • Once the baby is delivered, the blood sugar usually returns to normal.
  • Experiencing gestational diabetes puts women at greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Especially if inactive and overweight

Gestational diabetes and newborns

  • Babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes often weigh more
  • These babies are also at a greater risk of developing diabetes as they get older
  • These babies are also often diagnosed with diabetes at an early age

Can you have diabetes and become pregnant?

  • Yes, you can become pregnant
  • But, your prenatal care during this and other pregnancies will have to be closely monitored by your doctor
  • You may need to see your doctor more often
  • And your medicine and testing may also be more frequent so that both you and the baby remain healthy

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